Standard filter vs. HMF mat filter


Standard external filters have many disadvantages compared to mat filters for aquariums. These are e.g:

  • Expensive to purchase
  • Water can leak (hoses come loose)
  • Complex cleaning every 4-6 weeks
  • Young fish and shrimps endangered by being sucked in
  • Much space consumption in the aquarium cabinet
  • Complicated hose routing
  • Extremely high energy consumption

Mat filter

Mat filters offer many advantages over standard filters for any aquarium. Interesting also for breeders of young animals! Advantages are for example:

  • Inexpensive in the acquisition
  • Closed system in the tank (no leakage)
  • Low maintenance due to infrequent cleaning
  • No danger for aquarium inhabitants
  • Easy handling
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy cleaning
  • Significantly better filtration (crystal clear water)
  • Artemia and other food is not sucked in
  • Best aeration due to optional airlift
  • Much faster decomposition of ammonium and nitrite

Innovations from HMF

Hamburg mat filters have different designs. The optimum efficiency can be achieved in the original column form. We will be happy to advise you on this in a discussion.

You are unsure which design to use? We will inform you!

Sound insulation plate for diaphragm pumps

From now on, all large diaphragm pumps will be delivered with a special new damping material (damping plate, sound absorption plate, sound insulation plate).

Although our large diaphragm pumps are already very quiet by design, the topic of noise development is always topical.

Of course we deliver the sound insulation plate free of charge with new orders! A free service from

Siporax Mini for Mobile HMF Reactors

Tune up and spice up your Mobile HMF Reactor: with Siporax Mini, specially portioned by us in a net bag for Mobile HMF Reactors.

Supports the already optimally covered aerobic range (ammonium -> nitrite -> nitrate) of our HMF filters and adds the anaerobic component for nitrate degradation.

You will find the Siporax Mini under "Filter media". Please note the graduated prices. For each Mobile HMF Reactor the corresponding number of Siporax Mini mesh bags can be ordered by clicking on the corresponding button.


Save money by ordering the corresponding quantity of Siporax at the same time, as the next higher discount scale is used! Change the default setting "no Siporax" to the desired quantity! Order the filter media right away and save. The same applies to diaphragm pumps ordered with the filter.

Our recommendations

Aquarium Filter System | Mobile HMF Reactor ProfiLine P40-3 | up to 300 litres
- Water volume: 240 - 300 litres, depending on the stocking
- Aquarium height: 40 cm
from 45,95 EUR
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We have developed a new product for you under scientific cooperation, which is offered in the store:

AirMODUL for oxygen supply in aquariums when operating with flow pumps or HMF reactors with flow pumps.

The AirMODUL can be ordered together with the HMF reactors with flow pump at a reasonable price. The AirMODUL can also be operated solo with Tunze flow pumps.




Shipping costs

From an order value of 60,00 € we deliver with DPD free of shipping costs in Germany. Under an order value of 60.00 € we charge only 6.90 €. Usually we ship with DPD, but we reserve the best shipping method.